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Everything you wanted to know about off-road but were afraid to ask

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Everything you wanted to know about off-road but were afraid to ask

Let’s jump the gun here. If slow driving on a paved road makes you feel like vomiting, it is the first sign that you are in the right place.

Driving fast in a nice car would perhaps be something you’re looking for but it is hard to find good roads in Poland and a single pothole would turn your toy into a useless (yet, still beautiful) sculpture.

Go off the beaten track, break rules, don’t get beaten by the routine – get the taste of real adrenaline. Off-road is neither a clichéd blah, blah nor a toy for pretty boys in lacquered shoes. Here, no one asks what you want…Fasten your seatbelts, we’re off!

What is really off-road?

If you’re hearing this word for the first time and you’re regarded as a cowardly person – you had better do something else. Off-road is extreme sensations, blood, sweat and tears. There is no special tariff, here. The harder the better. You can forget about your mate’s fairy-tale story of how he left the main road to avoid a traffic jam. Off-road is not an amusement.

First of all, it is extreme sensations which can be found nowhere else. It is a struggle with the weather, surface, car and yourself. You have no chance without preparation!

Ok, info for complete beginners (you may choose to go straight to the next section): off-road is a type of extreme motor sport which comprises of tackling the terrain away from paved roads. It may be gravel, stones, sand, mud, water or grass and less dense forests. It is the kind of drive which would turn your everyday sedan into a pile of scrap metal. If you’re afraid, you had better not try this…although you’ll probably regret this.

There is no off-road without preparation

 The main rule which applies to everyone who wants to play with this – be prepared for anything. I know this sounds like a whining old woman but even if you have been through a thing or two with your 4x4 you should know not to ignore your opponent. Seriously. We will not speak about obvious things. Most off-road vehicles are designed in a way to allow you to drive through your average route. However, if you’re in need of real challenges, you cannot be limited to this. The real off-road is only where there is only you, your car and the nature. Lifts and tunings are most important. Without them, you will not drive far.    

To begin with, a few rules to avoid the destruction of your car or yourself

Begin by trying to understand your car. You must be in unison, you act together. This is why you must get to know its functions. 4x4 cars have a series of systems which are useful in off-road driving. 4WD regulation, traction control, reduction drive regulation and many others may save you in many dangerous situations. They are there to be used.

Furthermore – match your car to the route. We know that you will use many roads, after all this is what it is all about. Though, it is good to have awareness of what you’re up against. Balance your car well and think over its design which will assist you in tackling high grounds or your petrol tank capacity.

Be prepared for anything. You have to assume the worst case scenario and be ready for it. First aid kit is essential and not even worth mentioning but a special temperature-resistant, anti-flammable suit is. Always have something to cut seatbelts or break a window in your car. Don’t forget about nutrition – you are to go for a drive, have a race and win with yourself or someone else – not to kill yourself in a stupid way…

What do we do in action?

There is no place for stupid people in off-road.

Knowledge of your car is one thing, ability to drive is another. Not everyone has to win but everyone has to remember about a few rules.

First off all, the surface. Not every surface is suitable for top speed driving. You have to think, analyse and adjust your driving to the conditions. Control your car and never let go of the steering wheel. Do not release control. As long as you are controlling the car, the road is not controlling you.

Driving on sand differs from taking turns in mud or driving uphill. Only intelligent driving may allow you to get to the finishing line. Remember this. Do not get your fingers broken – try keeping your thumbs away from the steering wheel so that they do not get pulled out in case of a sudden jolt. Learn how to brake using your left leg. This will help you save the precious seconds and assist in moving away faster when necessary.

What about the car?

Lifts for off-road cars and tuning are the most important slogans which get mentioned in off-road conversations. Driving on the hardest roads using ‘ordinary’, serial tyres will not get you anywhere. This is where our company, Offroad Express enters the stage. We are a company which deals with the distribution of 4x4 accessories, mainly for American makes (Jeep, Hummer, and Dodge) as well as off-road vehicles from Japan or France. We have Europe’s largest wholesalers with spares and tuning accessories. We have a wide range of spares for many makes and we are the only and exclusive distributors for some of them. You can find anything you need: suspension sets, shock absorbers, swing arms, roofs, roof tents, bumpers, wheel rims, car lighting and various accessories such as knives. Off-road is not cheap but when choosing the premium offers, you are rewarded with the best quality and warranty offer without small print. Offroad Express was established through the love for off-road vehicles. You want to be free, independent and overcome yourself and obstacles on the road? Value us just as we value your passion and courage. Follow your own tracks and don’t look behind.

Off-road is adrenaline, emotions, elements and the car – i.e. everything guys love most. You don’t have to follow our advice – it is not mandatory. However, be aware of what lies ahead of you and don’t be resentful once you’re done. Select 4x4 equipment which will be envied by everyone. Cut across the road and mark your own path thanks to the best accessories so that you and your car are in unison. This is the real face of off-road.


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