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10 most frequent mistakes in off-road and what we must avoid?

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10 most frequent mistakes in off-road and what we must avoid?

Off-road is the entertainment for tough guys. It is said to be the domain of guys, though we are in the opinion that the presence of beautiful women would never hurt anyone...Why are we mentioning this? Off-road is not fishing and here the error is not made by the one who invites a woman to an off-roader.

What is more, women are no worse than guys and in many cases it is the men who make more mistakes. What mistakes? The list is long.

So, the question is: what mistakes are to be particularly avoided in the field?

1.         No concern for safety

Let’s start with something which has to be repeated time and time again. Off road is fun, relaxation, hobby and a platform, therefore never place it above your own life.

Seriously: when turning the engine on, it is worth turning your thinking on. Off-road driving has its hazards. It does not matter how long you have been driving and how experienced you are. You have to remember about seatbelts and a mandatory fire extinguisher. One could also do with a helmet in more demanding conditions. As they say -  better safe than sorry.

Let’s mention the fire extinguisher again: it is unbelievable how many teams do not carry this equipment in their vehicles. Off-road is an extreme sport, this is why one has to always remember about the risk. You might think we’re preaching like an old woman but we don’t give a damn. We want you alive. Do not disregard it.

2.         Inadequate preparation

Yes, it is crucial. Not even because many of the tools you bring along might save your life but because they make the process so much easier. A spade will help you with easy removal of earth from under your car to carry on. A banal but important example. Of course, many of them will also help you in life-threatening situations as much as the knowledge of your car.

3.         Inadequate knowledge of the off-road vehicle

There you go. In general, one becomes familiar with a car after a certain period of time. This is why, it is not so obvious. However, ignoring the system it is equipped with may result in damages, unwanted expenses or bruises. And why ask for trouble?

It is better to focus on exploring the capabilities of your vehicle. In this way, you might use its advantages and hide its defects. Simply to drive better and have much more fun when doing so.

4.         Wheels are too big and axle too small

Big wheels are great and they help in many situations.  Generally speaking, the bigger the diameter, the better control and driving. However, incorrect matching of the wheel size to axle may result in serious problems with the driving and the vehicle. The axle may not withstand the pressure or react incorrectly when the wheels used are too big. As a consequence, instead of having a car which can tackle every hill, you will have a damaged car and be in a bad mood.

    In general, construction errors is a very wide topic. Do you want to avoid them? Please get in touch with us and we’ll be able to advise you for sure.  

5.         Incorrect electrical system

Ok, it is quite a difficult subject and it seems that it does not apply to many. However, the truth is that an electrical system which is not connected correctly may easily result in an ignition. And one fire extinguisher would be insufficient in such a scenario. Sure, a short circuit is always possible, especially when various objects find their way under the bonnet (on a separate note: this also has to be considered and appropriately secured!). However, please remember to check the electrical system and fuses thoroughly. Otherwise, you might have to face a little surprise.

6.         Wrong tires

Let’s return to wheels and tyres which could be debated for hours. Big wheels assist on ascends and also in many other places. But wrong tyres will spoil every drive, right? Yes, let’s cover them in detail even though every reasonable guy knows what it is about. In general, match the tyres to the surface. But it is not everything.

One of the most frequent mistakes made by drivers is over pressurizing the wheels. Do not put too much pressure in the tyres as the outcome of this might be very bad. Tyres must have sufficient pressure but when over pressurized they will be torn apart from the inside when driving.

Also pay attention to whether they are screwed in correctly. A frequent mistake is using incorrect nuts. Faced with uneven terrain, such wheels stand no chance.

7.         Confusing suspension modification with a lift

It can be said that it is a classic mistake. It is made even by those who have been off-roading for a while. Lift raises the vehicle and allows for the installation of bigger wheels. Suspension modification aims at balancing the vehicle in regard to the surface.  It reduces the wheels’ movement absorbing the shocks of uneven terrain.

Without shock absorbers, suspension would fail immediately and driving would be impossible. Do not think that lift will simply do the trick.

8.         Lifting without brakes

One of the most common mistakes. Changes to the size of wheels and other elements often result in other changes we tend to forget about. This, amongst other things, refers to brakes. Remember that it is one of the main elements of your off-road vehicle and during 4x4 driving the brakes must be in good working order. This cannot be overlooked so keep it in mind and match your brakes to the wheels. Otherwise, you will not drive too far. And even if you will, such an excursion will end in a lot of pain…

9.         Unsecured loose elements in the car

Seems obvious but there you go. It often happens that various objects ‘flying around’ the cockpit smash a window or injure somebody. It is really worth paying attention to them and securing them. After all, off road driving is not the smoothest and this is what it is all about. Therefore, check the location of different objects and make sure nothing flies out of the window with a crashing sound…

10.   Bad driving technique

Much can be said about this phenomenon. From novice mistakes, through intermediate problems to experienced drivers and their bad habits. However, it is worth listing a few important and fundamental rules.

First of all: water. Do not drive into water without checking its depth. Do not drive in if you don’t have a snorkel. Treat water with caution at all times.

Secondly: ascends and descends. Do not block the wheels, brake gently and make sure you are in the lowest gear (providing you drive manual). It is crucial to position yourself vertically to the inclination and not to try tackling high ground in a slalom.

All of the aforementioned mistakes may result in damages to the car. Therefore, it is worth learning from the mistakes of others. Just a piece of advice...

    Off-road is full of traps and it is easy to make a mistake. This is why, safety and constant further development are so important. Ok, we know it is easier said than done but seriously – practice makes perfect. There is no point kidding yourself, each of us makes mistakes. The crucial point is the ability to take advantage of them and make as few as possible of them. Let’s hit the road and have a safe journey.


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